Raised on film but well versed in the digital format, I have now been shooting for well over a decade. While my choice of camera may change on a daily basis, I'd like to think that my approach remains consistent. I was drawn to photography by it's silent ability to tell diverse and complex stories. If captured right, one moment can evoke volumes. For me, each click of the shutter is another chance to write history, whether it be mine, someone else's or the collective history of a society. I can only hope that my images speak in this way, with historical truth.

Portraiture is my strong suit and I often shoot on-site for corporate events. I thoroughly enjoy sessions with infants and children, as well as family portraits, and of course, pets! I shoot digitally with Canon 5D's but am always willing and eager to use film, for which I have a Yashica 120 format, Canon 35mm or Mamiya 645 packages. My work has been featured in numerous publications and has been exhibited throughout the northeast. I am always willing to discuss photography in exchange for travel as I have a serious case of wanderlust.

WEDDINGS: While I love shooting all types of events, including weddings, I try to keep these to a minimum, booking few per season, to ensure that my perspective of that very special day remains fresh. Packages for wedding photography begin at $1000 but can be tailored to fit any budget. Options include the addition of a second shooter, as well as the possibility of your own personal photo booth at the reception. I am always willing (and recommend) that if you are considering a booth that we devise one that is very much your own. Anyone can put up a backdrop but let's get creative!

All images from your day are then meticulously retouched and provided for you in both color and black and white formats on DVD, ready for you to print.

Handcrafted albums are available by special request.